«Coincidence or Princess Diana’s reincarnation?» The striking resemblance between Lady Di and Charlotte is making headlines

For those who don’t know, the Princess had a sibling– Charles. He has recently hit the network with an archival photo of her legendary sister from the 1960s and caused a controversy among the fans of the royal family.

The image depicted little Diana, Charles himself and their mother in a park.

Here, she was still 6 and looked exactly the same as her granddaughter, Charlotte.

The striking likeability between the Princess and her granddaughter escaped no one’s attention and quickly became the center of attention.

One may say that she has the same eyes as her late grandmother – deep and full of revenge and maturity. It is worth mentioning that the fans of the royal family have recently been concerned about K. Middleton’s health state.

It is known that Prince William’s wife underwent a serious operation. The spouses haven’t even attended the BAFTA Film Awards, a remarkable event which they have never missed before.